The creative Web agency.

In Tandù we develop functional ideas, building high-performance digital projects and strategies. Experience, skills and analysis is our DNA.

In Tandù all digital platforms should be considered like one App. No matter which devices are considered. We love to create from scratch new assets, fully Digital.

Achieve your goal, improve your Business now.

What we do.

We design usable and creative digital solutions

What is Design for Us? Working with people and for people. We design new services and new user centric experiences. We use innovative methodologies to design apps, websites, software, e-shops and disrupting platforms. We test and collect feedback to improve our tools and increase the happiness of those who use them.

Our projects

We develop Apps that make life easier.

We create applications for companies and startups, we create tools designed to acquire new customers, involve and retain them. Our staff is composed of iOS and Android developers with years of experience who work closely with design and usability experts. Do you have an App in mind? Contact us for a coffee with no obligations.

Our projects

We develop Story-tellers websites.

The perfect cocktail must maintain the right balance regardless of the size of the glass. The same goes for websites. On smartphones and desktops, your site needs to be easy to use and contain the right mix of information. The website is your business card to the world, a fundamental tool to tell a story. Your story, your Business.

Our projects

We develop successful e-shops and strategies.

Your trusted bar doesn't necessarily have low prices or a convenient location, you prefer it to others for the overall experience. We apply the same approach to our e-shop platforms, preferring usability, ease of use, and performing technologies. We support you also in analysis and developing a correct marketing and communication strategy to achieve your sales goals.

Our projects

Our Method

1. Research

To create a successful app, it’s essential to think about the people who will use it and identify their needs: "think like a customer, be your potential user". Research and knowledge are the basis of all our work.

2. Dialogue

The project begins on paper by formalizing the functionalities, studying the navigability of the various views and the most suitable graphics. The dialogue and continuous tests allow us to constantly improve the prototype and the future performance.

3. Passion

In the development phase, the heart of the App is created, an interactive process that leads us to the online launch of the project. Development is our passion, we love to see projects grow and evolve over time and over markets.

Are You curious about how we work?