Torino Digital Days 2019



#rubyonrails #swift #kotlin #html5 #css3 #js


Torino Digital Days


UX / UI design. Development: website, iOS app, Android app

Torino Digital Days: the festival about digital in Turin

We love challenges, in 2019 we launched the Torino Digital Days, an event in the area that aims to spread digital culture, creating opportunities for meeting, knowledge and moments of reflection on new trends and success stories. The festival was organized in collaboration with: Glebb & Metzger, Wacky Weapon and Bonobo Events. We took care of developing the website and the two apps to support the event. Not only that - we have been actively involved in the organization of the events calendar, over 50 appointments in just 4 days. And now? TDD2020 is coming soon!

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